Update to technical requirements to use PRC’s online tools:

  • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome on any operating system, Windows or Mac, or Android.
    The online tools work on any web-enabled device. For best performance we advise using a device with a relatively large screen, a small screen would not give the satisfying and comfortable results of a larger screen. We recommend a minimum of an 8” screen.
  • Firefox and Safari display the content correctly but may not display some items, such as the question or session timers and statistics.
  • If you are using Chrome, you need to make sure Flash is enabled and the “ask first” setting of Flash is off. Here are the detailed instructions on how to do that:
    • Open Chrome
    • Go to menu button at the upper right corner:
    • Click on Settings
    • Once on the settings page, scroll down and then click “advanced”
    • Click on “Content Settings”
    • Click on “Flash”
    • Make sure “Ask first” is ON, and add "https://login.powersresources.com/" to allowed sites.
    • Restart the browser to apply the new settings.
  • Other useful tips:
    • We advise not use any extensions that block advertisements, such as AdBlock.
    • Always use the most recent version of the browser.
    • We recommend that you close any content before closing the tab or browser. For example, close any quiz by clicking the power button at the top right corner, or the “exit” button in other resources.