Prepare for the CMA Essay Questions

What you will learn here? The structure of the essay section of the exam. How your answers will be graded. Exam preparation tips:

Structure: You will have 1 hour to answer two essay questions. Each question is a business scenario which may contain 3 to 6 questions. You have the ability to navigate between the two scenarios and the questions, which will help you locate your time between the questions.

Grading: What the graders will evaluate: Knowledge of the exam content Ability to apply concepts in real business situations Ability to express clearly and logically in business writing The most important point is that the exam graders’ goal is to give you point, not to deduct points. A partial answer is awarded. So even if the question is difficult, try at least to write down the main points.

Tips: If you finish the multiple choice section early you have two options: allocate that extra time to review the questions or jump to the writing section. The time that you saved on the multiple choice questions will be added to the time allowed for the essay section. Read ALL the question. Don’t leave out any parts. Focus on words like “compare” and “contrast”.

If what is required is to compare two concepts, then you should NOT “define” any of them, so don’t waste time doing that. Keep it clear and to the point. Phrases like “I believe”, “I think” are not welcome in the CMA exam. State that the facts and keep things organized. Business writing skills are essential. Having the knowledge but not being able to express...