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(Capability) Maturity Models - CMM in Internal Audit

(Capability) Maturity Models - CMM in Internal Audit

Date: 08 Dec 2021

Time: 08:00 (UTC -06:00)

According to the Institute of Internal Auditor’s IIA IIPF Practice Guides definition, maturity models “establish a systematic basis of measurement for describing the “as is” state of a process. A process’s maturity can then be compared to management’s expectations or contrasted with the maturity of other similar processes for benchmarking purposes.”

In this seminar, we will discuss:

  • Development Path of Capability Maturity Models
  • Capability Maturity Frameworks – CMU, ISO, etc.
  • Benefits of Capability Maturity Models
  • Building and Using Capability Maturity Models
  • Internal Audit Considerations when Using CMM

This seminar will be conducted in English by Dr. Ulrich Hahn. He is past IIA Board of Regents member and ECIIA chairman, participated in the development of related IIA and ISACA guidance.

The webinar will be provided through GoToWebinar.