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Dear All: A big thanks for all the people involved in implementing and continuously improving the PRC System. I really enjoyed studying for the CIA® exam with PRC’s advanced system & flexible format. The study system makes topics easy to absorb, the instructors are very friendly & I particularly benefited from their support & explanation.


I passed all four parts of the Certified Internal Auditor exam. I attended the course with your institute and am glad to have had the opportunity to study using PRC. I really look forward to the opportunity of joining the PRC faculty team to coach prospective CIA students using the comprehensive PRC material that helped me pass!


I joined PRC’s CIA® training program in June 2008, and passed the exams in January 2009. Obtaining the CIA® has provided me with more opportunities in the professional field. Universities where I teach have offered me several topics related to Auditing. They now consider me The Internal Audit specialist at the university!


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