CMA Exam costs

The CMA exam costs include the following:

  • IMA Membership (annual)
  • CMA Entrance fee (paid one time)
  • Examination fees (per attempt)

Other costs include

  • Travel, if you need to travel to another city to sit for the exam (Locate available prometric exam centers here).
  • Review course. The cost of a review course varies between $500 to $1,500 depending on your choice of exam review provider and package.

How to reduce CMA exam costs?

  • By passing from the first attempt. Each exam costs between $370 to $495. You can save a lot by passing the exams from the first attempt. In order to do that you need to be well prepared for the exam (check out our preparation guide here)
  • Taking the exam while you are a student.

Membership cost

Membership Type Fees starting Oct 1, 23
Professional* $295
Academic* $160
Student $49

 *Professional and academic membership fees include $15 one-time processing fees.

Entrance fee

Starting Oct 1, 23
Professional $300
Student / Academic $225

Exam fees (per part)

Starting Oct 1, 23
Professional $495
Student / Academic $370

Costs after certification

  • IMA membership renewal: the IMA membership fee is an annual fee.
  • CPE, 30 hours per year: in order to maintain your status as Certified, you need to provide proof of 30 hours of continued professional education.

Example CMA cost cases

  Student Professional
IMA Membership 49 295
CMA entrance fee 225 300
Part 1 exam 370 495
Part 2 exam 370 495
Review course 550 550
Total cost $1,564 $2,135




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