Our Standard Bundle offers aspiring accountants with comprehensive and effective learning and study tools, practice materials, covering all exam topics. With our Standard Bundle, you can learn at your own pace, revisit any concept as needed, and feel confident on exam day.

Features That Help You Excel

After years of helping aspiring professionals prepare for the CMA Exam, we’ve built features that will help keep you focused on your success – and passing the CMA Exam!

Access Duration

All Inclusive Question Bank

Create your own customized study sessions with more than 3,000 questions that cover all topics. Our Question Bank is accessible from any device, so you can quiz yourself at home, at the office, or on the go!

Comprehensive & Efficient
                            Textbook and eBook

Comprehensive & Efficient Textbook and eBook

Our textbooks and eBooks are built to be aligned with the IMA’s outline and are segmented into manageable study sessions. You’ll have all of the information you need to pass the CMA exam.

Adaptive Technology

Mock Exam

Test your knowledge in an environment that mimics the real exam. Generate a new set of questions in each attempt, with a limitless number of tries so you’re prepared for anything on exam day!

Continuous Support

Expert Support

Our dedicated expert instructors are here to help you succeed. While we’re available to answer any questions you have while studying for the CMA exam, we can also provide guidance with the exam registration process.

Access Duration

Access Duration

We give you plenty of time to study for and pass the CMA exam! You’ll have our suite of services and prep materials for a full 18 months.

Adaptive Technology

Cost Saving Extension

Need just a little more time to study for the CMA exam? If you purchased your Essentials bundle a little early and there’s more than 18 months between your purchase and the time of your exam, no need to worry! We offer PrepReview extensions so you can keep focused on your goals.

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